Small groups are a great way to make friends and get to know one another better. At New Day, we offer interest based small groups. We have 2 coffee groups, a beer enjoying group, a book club group, and an exercise group!
And if there's something you're passionate about,
you're always welcome to start another small group!
We are lgbtq+ friendly - come to the group(s) you would be most comfortable with!

Small Groups Fall 2022

Greenhouse Coffee 

Come enjoy some java - or tea - while having casual conversation. Grab your order and then meet up in the private room in the coffee shop.
Women: 10am on Mondays
Men: 10am on Thursdays
Greenhouse Coffee
2299 E. 17th St. Idaho Falls.
Drinks Photos

Beer Group

Gather with great people at a great location for great beer with great conversations!
3pm on Tuesdays
Idaho Brewing Company
775 S. Capitol Ave. Idaho Falls.
Men  Drinking Beer

Exercise Class

Join St. Luke's Episcopal and New Day Lutheran for some mild exercise. All are welcome!
10:30am Tuesdays & Thursdays
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
270 N. Placer Ave., Idaho Falls.

Book Club

Read a book over a month, and then come together with others to discuss the book of the month.
4pm 1st Wednesday monthly
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
270 N. Placer Ave., Idaho Falls.