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Updated: Sep 23

Hello New Day members! I have been working on transforming our website to not only be a modern website filled with information about our church, but to also be an online community for our members! Here are some things I am working on or have completed:


I took some of the information off the homepage and created pages specifically for that information. I moved the NDLC video ad to the top of the page as it should be one of the first things prospective members see. I then made the fb feed bigger so it is easier to view. I also took the RIC, Ukrainian Refugees, Lutheran World Relief, and ELCA info pieces and turned them all into clickable pictures that take you to their respective websites. No need to recreate the wheel!

I'm New

If you look under the menu heading "I'm New" you will find:

Worship - Explains everything about worship.

Belief, Vision, Mission - Exactly what the title says, Our Beliefs, Vision, and Mission.

Our History - If you read through this page and you just know you have pictures that would make it more interesting to other readers, please forward those pictures to me! I can create single images, slideshows, or even picture videos!

Our Leaders

Pastor Ann is a page introducing Pastor Ann to current AND prospective members.

Council Members tells you at a glance who the council members of the church are.


I have added the ability for you to now login to see member only pages. Please let me know if you have any issues! This is a multistep process:

1. Signup using either your email address and a password, or facebook, or your google account.

2. Once you sign up you will have to wait for me to approve you. This approval process eliminates malicious spammers and robots from being on our site.

3. Once you are approved, you will be able to login in using the method you used to signup (email and password, fb, or google).

4. "Your Name" in the menu will have the pages Profile, Events, My Account, Notifications, Settings, and Log Out. Take some time to look those over!

On mobile it will look like this:

On a computer it will look like this:

5. The content on the pages under "Members" on the menu is now visible to you. Lets go over those pages real quick...

NDLC Online Fellowship is a group page. If you have ever used a fb group, this is basically the same concept. This group is designed to be a "welcome, how are you, general online fellowship" group. To make it easier to begin with for all of you, I created a link directly to the group on the menu under Members. By the way - You have the ability to make other groups defined more closely to certain topics. Example: Book Club to talk about a book study being done amongst members.

Members List - Literally an online member directory! Click on any name to see more about that person, thas is.. if they added more info for you to see.. which is done under My Account.

File Share This is a page just for files that church members should have readily available to them, but the public would not necessarily need to see or know about. I have so far added the Constitution, The History of NDLC, and The Use of the Means of Grace. Eventually, as I receive them, there will be policies and procedures uploaded as well. Let me know if you have something you feel should be included!

Groups List - Once we have more than one group, this page will become more clear to you. It will literally be a list of the various groups on the website. Since we only have one right now, it is kind of pointless, but I am leaving it for the sake of allowing everyone to get fully familiar with things.

It will take time for members to get signed up and to actively start using all the new features on the website, but please do not wait for others to participate! Your participation will encourage others to join in!



We will soon have a calendar on the website where you can check "the schedule" for our various small groups, worship times and days, meetings, etc.

Giving Page

I will be creating a page where you can find all the information in one place on the various ways to give whether it is through snail mail, paypal, bill pay, or a qr code.

An Actual App?!?!

Yep! Eventually, down the road, once I have the basics setup and the quirks worked out, there will be an actual app you can download from Google Play and Apple and use just like any other app, if you so choose!

The best part? None of these changes so far have cost us one single extra cent! This is all included in the package we already subscribe to through our website platform! Just takes a person with time and a little know how to put it all together! But, hats off to Brigitte and Jack for getting it all started to begin with!!!!


Theresa Jones

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