New Audio Visual System

GREAT NEWS! The tech team has finally put all the pieces together for our livestream worship service. What is the difference you ask?

Well, for one, this means no more live streaming via a shaky cell phone with limited camera aiming! It was hard to aim the phone at the altar, then switch to a reader, then to the pulpit for the sermon, and back to the altar. We could zoom out and get a wide shot of everything for the whole service, but that felt less intimate and took away from the experience.

We now have the ability to have text from the bulletins and hymns on the screen. That means you can easily follow along with the worship and participate from home just as you would if you were in church! Here are a few examples from this last Sunday's services. White text is used for the speakers, and yellow text is used for congregational participation. We have adjusted the text to be a tad smaller for the next service, as this seemed a bit too large.

The cameras also allow us to aim at specific targets, like the reader, the pulpit for sermons, and the altar for communion and other parts of service.

The volume is steady, remaining the same throughout the service, at a level where those watching from home can adjust up or down using their devices for their hearing needs.

Eventually we will be seeking a couple volunteers to scroll through the slides during the service, it really is no different than clicking through pages online.

We are excited for this achievement, and hope you are as well!

Have a blessed day!

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