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What does worship look like at New Day Lutheran?

Simply put:

We are an informal yet traditional church with progressive views!

Sundays 9:15 am inside St. Lukes Episcopal 270 N. Placer Ave Idaho Falls, ID
  • Casual  - You can come in your Sunday best, you can come in jeans and a t-shirt, or you can even come in your pajamas! God calls us to come just as we are and we welcome you, just as you are! Feel free to bring in any snacks & drinks as well.

  • Family friendly - Kids are a part of our community and of God's family, so we welcome them and want them to be a part of our worship together. We have kids activity sheets and worship bags for kids to help them connect with the service and keep them entertained. The congregation truly feels blessed to have children present during service, and understand fully that can mean a little extra noise, after all children are children with little attention spans and big emotions. Please know and be assured they do not mind! It warms their hearts to hear that noise!

  • Everyone is involved - For us, worship is not a concert or a spectator's sport. Worship involves full participation. We all make up the body of Christ and in worship God meets us where we are and calls us all to worship together as a community in Christ. We will sing hymns together, pray together, share God's peace with one another, and share communion together each week.

  • Communion is open to all - We celebrate communion every week. And, as Jesus said on the night he was betrayed, his blood was shed for ALL people for the forgiveness of sin. Therefore ALL people are welcome at the Lord's Table.

  • Fellowship Hour - Every Sunday after worship, we have time set aside for an opportunity to catch up over drinks and snacks and get to know one another a little better. This is a great time to meet some new people! Join us downstairs in the fellowship hall!

Children are welcome even with their little attention spans and big emotions!
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Worship as you are
Forest Lake

So, what exactly does it mean to be "Lutheran"?

The Lutheran church came out of the Reformation in the 15th century which was started by Martin Luther. He challenged the church's theology as well as it's understanding of religion, money, politics, ethics, spirituality and social justice. Through much study of the scriptures, he came to believe that it is impossible for us to ever rid ourselves of sin and so we must saved by grace through faith, and not by the things we do. This means that we cannot earn our salvation, but instead it is a gift of God through Christ Jesus our Lord.


So for us, everything we have is a gift from God and everything we do is out of response to the grace, love, and forgiveness that we have received through Jesus death and resurrection. And God promises to meet us and offer us this grace, love and forgiveness whenever we turn to God in prayer and are called by the Holy Spirit to come to God in worship, communion and through baptism.

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